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Sprinkler Service

We get calls every day asking about our sprinkler service and how to make sure a lawn is healthy and well taken care of. We are always happy to talk with our customers about our services and advice to make sure their sprinkler system is optimizing a beautiful landscape. Give us a call to discuss exactly what sprinkler services we offer. Since 1979 we have been the preferred contractor for residential and commercial sprinkler or irrigation systems in the Omaha area. 

While we offer a full line up of irrigation and sprinkler service, we want to help you maintain your whole yard. So, how do you take care of your yard? We’re glad you asked! Here are some steps to take to make sure your residential sprinkler system or commercial sprinkler system is able to truly optimize a lush landscape. 

  1. Rake It.

We know nobody really likes this step, but it’s so important! Raking isn’t just for the fall. Spring is a great time to rake or thatch your yard to grab dead spots, debris and remaining twigs, limbs or leaves so your lawn can breathe. 

  1. Aerate It.

You can have a professional come in to handle this or you can go in with your neighbors to rent an aerator for the weekend so everybody gets a chance to aerate their lawn for very little money. Either way, this step is vital to a full and healthy lawn! 

  1. Weed It.

Again, not a favorite step, but it’s got to be dealt with. You don’t want to spend money on an irrigation system to just water your weeds. So, get rid of them! 

  1. Seed & Fertilize It. 

Your lawn will never tire of this step! Seed, fertilize, repeat. 

  1. Water It. 

I mean, we are an irrigation and sprinkler company, you didn’t think we wouldn’t mention watering as an important step?! A lawn and beautiful landscape must have regular and adequate watering. We’ll take you through each zone of your lawn to be sure each zone is getting the water it needs. 

  1. Mow It.

Yep, watering means you gotta mow it. 

  1. Sit back, relax and enjoy It!

It’s not just a lawn, it could be the envy of the neighborhood! Give us a call to discuss our sprinkler service or sprinkler irrigation process. We promise to get the job done right, efficiently and on budget. Give us a call today!