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Water Efficiency

It may be hard to believe, but it truly is possible to have a stunning green lawn while being environmentally responsible with water. The changing climate, increasing populations, and dwindling resources make the conservation of natural resources more and more important. Fortunately, water efficiency is easy to achieve without having to give much up. In fact, you’ll actually be SAVING money.save_water

Controlled Rain can help average homeowners conserve tens of thousands of gallons annually which can shave more than 50% off of your outdoor water bill!

Here are some ways Controlled Rain can help you save water and money:

  • Pressure Regulated Stem (PRS) Heads – These special heads are where the major savings are found. They reduce and regulate naturally high water pressure which will conserve water while taking care of any misting or fogging problems. You end up with better lawn coverage all because you’re using less water. We love Rain Bird’s PRS heads because they save approximately one gallon per minute per rotor. Typical residential sites using their PRS 5000 Rotors and 1800 Series Sprays can save 106,000 gallons per year! That’s right: enough to fill an average swimming pool five times over.
  • Rain Sensor – A wireless rain sensor automatically turns off and on your system depending on the amount of rainfall so you won’t be paying to water the lawn when the sky is doing it for you.
  • Drip Irrigation Systems – Deliver water directly to the roots of your landscaping and flower beds so no water is wasted.

Saving water and saving money is easy with Controlled Rain’s help
Water conservation keeps you environmentally conscious while lowering your water bill. With Controlled Rain, it won’t be long before your lifestyle is as “green” as your grass.