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Sprinkler Spring Turn On Service Omaha, NE

Every spring hundreds of homeowners across Omaha turn on their sprinkler systems hoping that every part is working just as it did the previous fall. Often times a sprinkler head doesn’t pop up right, or rotor head doesn’t turn correctly, or worse, there is no power to the sprinklers. When that happens, it’s time for you to call in the experts at Controlled Rain.

Have The Experts Turn on Your Sprinkler In The Spring

After several months of freezing temperatures, your sprinkler system and irrigation need to be properly tuned and checked before trying to water any part of your landscape. To prepare your system for the season, we turn your system on, check all system components and run a thorough test to make sure everything is working properly. Any damaged components are repaired and your system is set to go for another season.

Call Us In the Spring For your Sprinkler Turn Ons

Spring turn-ons are done starting in mid-April through May. Please call our office to schedule.

Our Tune-Up Process For Your Omaha Sprinkler System

  • Inspect the irrigation system for leaks
  • Check and replace the controller backup battery if needed
  • Straighten any sprinkler heads that are bent
  • Replace any broken, malfunctioning or cracked sprinkler heads or nozzles
  • Clean and adjust all sprinklers and test spray patterns
  • Ensure all zones are working by checking
  • Check all heads for proper coverage
  • Identify any sprinkler heads that need to be raised or lowered
  • Check rain and freeze sensor for proper operation
  • Set controller for proper settings based on weather conditions and the season
  • Make recommendations for improvements