Residential Sprinkler Repair

lawnAn accident with a mower causes a broken sprinkler head to pour water out onto your lawn of your Omaha home – what do you do? First, shut off your sprinkler system. Second call the experts at Controlled Rain of Omaha for sprinkler system repair.

We are knowledgeable in sprinklers and sprinkler system repair. We have gained many years of experience in the sprinkler repair industry since 1979 and our sprinkler company is proud to be one of Omaha leading sprinkler repair contractors, helping homeowners and commercial property owners solve their sprinkler problems in many areas of Nebraska.

We can handle any problem with your irrigation system.

  • Broken or leaking sprinkler heads
  • Backflow preventer problems
  • Broken or leaking valves
  • Clogged nozzles
  • Cut wires
  • Broken or leaking pipes
  • Malfunctioning control units
  • Capping off heads
  •  Poor spray patterns & wasted water
  • Running water

In addition to our sprinkler repair services, we also specialize in sprinkler system tune ups, spring sprinkler system turn on, mid-summer maintenance and winterization.