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Residential Sprinkler Installation

Residents of the greater Omaha area, let’s talk about Residential Sprinkler Installations! We get calls everyday wanting to know what’s involved with a residential sprinkler installation. So, let’s talk about it. Controlled Rain is family owned and operated and has been installing residential sprinkler systems since 1979. We’re really good at what we do and we LOVE what we do. Helping your home look it’s best with a sprinkler system helps our hometown stay beautiful, one home at a time. We take pride in every single job and we want you to be able to brag about the work we do. So, let’s get into what’s involved in a residential sprinkler installation.

Step One:

Controlled Rain technicians will come on site and walk your property to determine zones, water usage/needs and layout design. We will prepare a quote to go over with you to ensure you understand the design and parts that your system will need. Once the quote is signed, we will set a date for your residential sprinkler installation.

Step Two:

Building Codes, permits, backflow preventer and underground utilities will all be taken care of by our qualified team based on your specific neighborhood and residential needs. 

Step Three:

On site flagging of piping layout and head placement. Once we’ve laid out a plan, we will walk the property again with you to ensure all needs are going to be met by each sprinkler head placement. 

Step Four:

Trenching and PVC Piping and/or Polyurethane Piping will be laid. 

Step Five:
Connect the new residential sprinkler system to the existing water line, ensuring a backflow preventer is in place. 

Step Six:

Connect the controller and test system. Once operational, your yard will be completely cleaned up by our team so you will hardly know we were there. 

Step Seven: 

At Controlled Rain, we always finish a residential sprinkler installation by training our homeowner on exactly how to use the control system. We will guide you through setting each zone and setting a time for each zone based on slope, shade and sun for your property. 

Last Step? Ask you to refer us to your friends and neighbors and thank you for letting us be a part of your home! Give us a call today to get started on having the lawn of your dreams with a residential sprinkler installation.