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Picking the Right Irrigation Company

Lawn envy can be defined as wanting the lawn someone else has. If you’ve struggled with creating and maintaining a green healthy lawn, you are in the right place. If on your drive home, you’ve noticed a neighbor’s lawn and wondered what they’re doing, you may have lawn envy. If you’ve noticed the grounds at work are lusher than anything you’ve been able to replicate at your home, you may have yard envy. Not to worry! At Controlled Rain, we can help people like you. We are here as your very own custom support team. We know that behind every lush landscape, there is a Controlled Rain Irrigation System keeping it all in order. Whether you are a first time homeowner, a seasoned veteran of lawn wars or looking to upgrade or install a commercial system, we have the expert team that can handle any lawn, any where. 

An irrigation system is simply an underground watering system with an easy to use control panel. Our Residential Sprinkler Design and Commercial Sprinkler team can work within any budget, within any landscape to make watering your lawn and landscape something you won’t have to think about. Your control panel helps you set your Sprinkler system to water your lawn at your preferred time of day, for exactly the amount of time your lawn needs. Our experts can help you determine which days to water, watering times, and amounts to ensure your lawn becomes the envy of your neighbors!

Our Omaha Residential Sprinkler Design and our Commercial Sprinklers are a cost efficient way to effectively water your lawn and landscape. Having shutoff times set and zones measured to the inch for water amounts means your irrigation system will use less water than traditional watering. Our Sprinkler Design ensures no corners are missed and that your entire landscape can be handled with one of our easy to use irrigation systems. 

Once you’ve decided an irrigation system will make you the envy of any neighborhood, you’ll want to do some research on which Residential Sprinkler and Commercial Sprinkler company you should hire.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Company History and Background: Controlled Rain has been proudly servicing customers like you since 1979. We are family owned and operated. We are a Rain Bird Select Contractor and have been awarded Omaha’s Contractor of the Year multiple times. 
  2. Is your contractor fully licensed and bonded? 
  3. Does your Sprinkler Service include free consultations?
  4. Check on hidden fees and warranties before service begins. 
  5. Ask about repair teams and winterization. Pick a company willing to not only install but maintain your system for years to come. Irrigation systems will and do need regular maintenance. Sprinkler Winterization is a quick service that will keep your system running smoothly come spring and save you costly repair services. 

Our family owned and operated core values continue to lead us to being among the best in our industry. At Controlled Rain, we know how to take care of your home’s value and how to make your home or business look its best. Our Residential Sprinkler Design and Commercial Sprinkler teams are trained to walk you through each step of the process. Whether you are needing a brand new system or upgrading an older system. We want to be your trusted contractor, not just for installs but for life. Give our team a call. Let us make you the envy of the neighborhood!