“Omaha’s trusted sprinkler service provider since 1979”

Lawn Sprinkler Installation

Lawn Sprinkler Installation

Omaha’s Trusted Lawn Sprinkler System Contractor Since 1979

Keep Your Omaha Property Green Throughout the Summer

Want to keep your Omaha property green and beautiful, but don’t want to lug out the sprinkler every day to water the grass? Contact Controlled Rain and have us install your sprinkler system to keep your Omaha grass green all summer long. No matter if you want to have green grass for your kids to play on or have green grass to show off the professionality of your business, Controlled Rain has you covered with our sprinkler installation service. Controlled Rain’s technicians are experts on both residential and commercial irrigation installations, we understand that having green grass on your property is important. Which is why we customize every sprinkler installation to ensure that we meet your needs every time. We take into account a wide range of inputs including:

  • Terrain

  • Lot Dimensions

  • Water Requirements

  • And More

Residential Sprinkler Installation

Having your sprinkler installed properly is crucial, especially in the Omaha climate. Our technicians will conduct your residential sprinkler installation with the future in mind. We want to limit the number of repairs needed in the future as much as possible. The last thing that you want is your sprinkler system to go out in the middle of July when is it doesn’t rain as much. Our installations help you ensure that your sprinkler system runs smoothly and efficiently throughout the summer months.

Commercial Irrigation Installation

Having green grass on your commercial property helps to display the professionalism of your company. Have Controlled Rain install your commercial irrigation system to your Omaha property. We’ll help to ensure that your grass will stay green throughout the summer months to show everyone the professionalism that your company has. The last thing you need is to have brown grass in July while every other company in the area has beautiful green grass. We customize your commercial sprinkler installation so that the sprinkler heads are out of eyesight so that your grass will look beautiful without the need to see all of the sprinkler heads.

Contact Controlled Rain For all of Your Sprinkler Installation Needs. No Matter if You Need Our Residential Sprinkler Installation Service or Our Commercial Irrigation Installation Service

When you want the best for your lawn, contact Controlled Rain for a new sprinkler system installation.

Our technicians have proper training and years of experience to ensure the correct installation of every system. Contact us for an on-site property inspection.

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