Why Use A Professional

sprayer3If you are looking for someone to repair a sprinkler system at your Omaha area home, keep in mind that companies might use the same materials, but will not maintain, repair and design the system in the same way. A well-designed, appropriately maintained irrigation system from Controlled Rain can be the most efficient way to keep landscape healthy.

Smart water control

The key to efficient irrigation is applying just enough water and only when necessary. A professional automatic sprinkler system will result in a healthier lawn and landscape, in addition to conserving water. “Smart” technology, such as systems with flow-control nozzles, climate-based controllers and wireless rain sensors, are beneficial and even required for irrigation systems in some areas.

Expertise and experience

Our professional irrigation systems offer reliable options and technology for water conservation and efficient water distribution to protect your landscaping investment. Controlled Rain is a Rain Bird Select Contractor and have been installing and servicing sprinkler systems since 1979.